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Every historic home project is unique and requires a specialized approach to restore deterioration issues. Restoration Artisans seeks to understand the needs and desires of each client, working within their individual budgets.

Preserving places of worship for congregations of ecclesiastical structures has become the cornerstone of Restoration Artisans, LLC.   With attention to every detail, church structures have been fully or partially restored

The historic barns of PA and NJ are an iconic symbol of the agricultural heritage of the original settlers to our states.Many times these silent monuments of our ancestors are neglected and fall into disrepair.

Survey and Consulting

Restoration Artisans, LLC.  provides comprehensive historic stone masonry consulting and building survey services.  High elevation areas can now be assessed by the use of drones for evaluation of the facade.


  • Meet & Discuss
  • Diagnose Conditions
  • Propose Solution
  • Restore Project

Thank you for your interest in working with Restoration Artisans. We look forward to meeting with you to discuss your specific historic restoration project.
Reference from previous clients and similar preservation work will be presented along with a letter of experience documenting Restoration Artisans, LLC. previously accomplished projects.

Each historic masonry restoration project requires a unique diagnosis of the issues that contributed to the necessity for repairs. Restoration Artisans will first understand the contributing factors that caused the repairs, then suggest an appropriate course of action to restore the structure correctly.

Restoration Artisans will propose a thoughtful solution, based on successful historic masonry restoration projects, that will provide a lasting repair to the specific needs of the structure without accelerating deterioration to the facade.

Using the highest quality materials and techniques, Restoration Artisans will begin the process of restoring the building to it’s original glory, being sensitive to the historic nature of the structure and respectful of the surrounding property. Whether it is a colonial limestone farmhouse that requires lime mortar repointing, a brownstone building that is need of repair with Jahn Restoration Mortars and stone replacement, or a historic bank barn that requires structural stonemasonry and woodworking repairs, Restoration Artisans can help.