The hands of the craftsmen that have gone before us have left their blood, sweat, and tears in the aging buildings of the American landscape. Will these cultural treasures be lost to time by improper repair techniques and incompatible materials?

In this blog, we will highlight the historic preservation projects Restoration Artisans has been honored to be a part of conserving. Travel with us as we discover the historical

significance of the buildings and towns where we perform our craft. The silent structures that surround us are still speaking if we take the time to listen.

They speak of european farmers clearing the fields by hand, one stone at a time, building farmhouses and barns for their growing families and livestock to survive the harsh Pennsylvania and New Jersey seasons. They speak of immigrants fleeing the religious persecution of their homeland seeking a place where they can worship in the freedom of their convictions. They speak of brave folk risking it all to strike out in a new land to have opportunities that had been only a dream in their former lives across the globe.

This is our story, the American story. We are descendants of those first pioneers. What legacy will we leave to those who come after us? Where once a majestic barn or stone farmhouse stood, now only a pile of rubble or another new housing development dwells.

Here at Restoration Artisans, we have a passion for protecting and repairing these aging structures the that surround us. Restoration Artisans, LLC. seeks to restore the vintage structures of our forefathers to their original glory so that future generations can appreciate the architecture as they would have seen it in their day.

We accomplish this by educating our clients in the traditional materials and techniques used in the construction process and by diagnosing specific issues affecting the structure. We then implement a proven restoration process that offers permanent solutions to problems historic facades face. Along the way,

Restoration Artisans, LLC. will honor the original intent of the designer and builder of the structure.



Ken M. Saul Jr. | President Restoration Artisans, LLC.