Ken M. Saul, Jr. | President & Lead Craftsman Restoration Artisans, LLC

By the hands of the immigrant craftsmen and the ingenuity of their minds, the historic structures of our land speak of the past and the beginnings of our great country. The legacy of their lives remain within the walls of the stone farmhouses, barns, and churches that dot the Pennsylvania countryside. When you stand in a traditionally built, timber frame barn and see each chisel cut and hand hewn beam meticulously joined together, our minds are transported back in time. Each historic building that I am privileged to work on is to me a sanctuary of the lives of those who built and designed that irreplaceable structure. With many historic buildings falling into disrepair, or worse, being dismantled in the name of progress, the importance of properly conserving your historic home is of great importance for future generations to come.

I am a second generation artisan. For over 20 years, I worked with my father who taught me the most important part of the job was to do my very best work with honesty and integrity in craftsmanship. Our family heritage began in this country with my great, great grandfather, an Italian stone mason named Angelo, who built many walls, moving stone with his horse drawn wagon in Bethlehem, PA. With great care, I will evaluate your structure’s specific needs and develop the proper procedure for repairs that will blend seamlessly into the existing façade.

Restoration Artisans would be privileged to assist you in properly restoring and preserving your historic building.