Interior Church Restoration, Koster Basement Waterproofing, Kutztown, PA

A common problem in historic masonry is the issue of rising damp and water migration into vintage buildings. Ground water is drawn up through capillary action into masonry walls, leaving behind salt deposits that destroy plaster renders, which can also lead to mold issues in lower levels. Restoration Artisans LLC. is pleased to offer the installation of KOSTER Waterproofing Systems from Germany. KOSTER products were developed to treat these problems in masonry buildings. KOSTER cementitious materials specialize in controlling water and salt migration on the interior of historic structures. Rising damp and leaking walls from old brick and stone foundations can be repaired form the interior using a variety of Koster Restoration Products. KOSTER KD 2 Blitz Powder immediately stops active flowing water that is leaking through interior walls. KOSTER NB1 crystallizing waterproofing materials can be applied on the interior of basement walls to control rising damp on historic buildings where there is no exterior damp proofing below grade. KOSTER Crisin 76 forms a horizontal barrier within the wall to stop the capillary action of rising damp on historic masonry foundations. Working closely with KOSTER representatives, Restoration Artisans will develop an approach to solve water and salt problems within your historic structure’s walls.

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