Every historic home project is unique and requires a specialized approach to restore deterioration issues. Restoration Artisans seeks to understand the needs and desires of each client, working within their individual budgets. We use time tested materials such as Lime-based mortars, Koster waterproofing systems, and Jahn Restoration Mortars that will outlast inferior products and not add to the deterioration of the substrate. Copper flashings, European roof drainage systems, and high quality reproduction wood working repairs complement the project. Many times applications that have been done over the years were performed with inappropriate materials or the workmanship was lacking the knowledge needed to properly restore a historic property. Our job is to bring an accurate perspective with historically correct methods in craftsmanship and materials that will work with the building’s exterior and interior. Creating a healthy living environment, solving difficult building issues, as well as helping the homeowner to understand all the aspects of restoring their historic masonry home and wood work is very important to us. Restoration Artisans accomplishes this through ongoing communication with the homeowner as the project progresses, resulting in a smooth and successful restoration process.

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