The historic barns of Pennsylvania and New Jersey are an iconic symbol of the agricultural heritage of the original settlers to our states. Many times these silent monuments of our ancestors are neglected and fall into disrepair. When it comes to properly repairing traditional barn structures, Restoration Artisans, LLC. can handle all the aspects of your barn restoration.

  • Recommendations of roofing and guttering systems
  • Repointing with Hydraulic Lime mortars
  • Repair of structural defects in stone walls
  • Strengthening of walls using rods and stars drilled through the the structure
  • Replacement of wood sheathing
  • Hydraulic Lime plasters and stuccos
  • New stall layout designs for equestrian use
  • Timber beam repairs
  • Metalwork

From the foundation to the roof, our customers can place their entire vision of a restored barn into our capable hands. Restoration Artisans, LLC. can help by designing the layout of your existing barn. Your ideas and dreams can become a reality, making your old barn useful again for generations to come and adding value to your historic homestead.

Historic Barn - Before

Historic Barn - After

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