Preserving places of worship for congregations of ecclesiastical structures has become the cornerstone of Restoration Artisans, LLC. With attention to every detail, church structures have been fully or partially restored by our restoration masons. Our church customers benefit from years of experience in solving the unique challenges that religious structures face.

High elevation spires and difficult to reach areas can now be assessed by the use of drones for evaluation of the façade. Walk through inspections are conducted, in conjunction with a structural engineer when necessary, to find and assess defects in the building.

Using the latest technical advances in the masonry restoration industry, Restoration Artisans uses the highest quality materials to make repairs. This process ensures lasting repairs to areas of the structure that face harsh weather conditions in difficult to access areas. Applications include stone repair, stone carving, stone replication, stone and brick repointing, copper flashing repairs, custom metal work, German half-round gutter systems, basement waterproofing using Koster Waterproofing systems and Koster Restoration Plasters, timber beam and woodworking repairs, structural repairs to stone and brick masonry, interior cleaning of soot in church sanctuaries on natural stone, bird deterrent systems, as well as inspection and consulting services.

Restoration Artisans use professionally built, engineered scaffolding towers with debris netting to secure the safety of the workmen and the pedestrians below, allowing for normal church activities to proceed throughout the restoration. Careful control of debris and dust, using special tools connected to a HEPA vacuum system, keeps the project environment clean and healthy during the project. Restoration Artisans, LLC is committed to open communication with church leadership throughout the duration of the project to ensure the restoration is a positive experience for all.

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