Why use Zambelli Half-Round European Gutter Systems?

Zambelli Euro Gutter in 6" Bronze Galvanized Steel, on a French Country Style Custom Home
Zambelli Euro Gutter in 6″ Bronze Galvanized Steel, on a French Country Style Custom Home

A roof gutter is something most people don’t think about until they realize the problems that a leaking system has caused.  The first building system I examine for a prospective customer is the guttering system.  There is no value in restoring a stonewall if the rainwater is not controlled first.  The gutter system on your house or barn can greatly affect the overall strength of the structure.  If a roof drainage system is undersized or malfunctioning, over time, the rain water runoff can cause stone walls to shift and timber beam connections to rot. A few years ago, while searching for the best product to install on a barn restoration, I discovered European half-round gutter systems.  Zambelli has been designing gutters in Germany since 1957.  They are the largest gutter manufacturer in Europe. https://www.zambelli.de/en/dachentwaesserung.html

The Zambelli gutter systems are available in a variety of metals and color choices.  The system has been engineered to have stronger brackets, better watertight connections, and overall, are far superior in aesthetics and performance when compared to American gutter systems.  Here are a few examples of why we install Zambelli half-round European gutter systems.

Zambelli German Roof Drainage systems are aesthetically pleasing to your home.
Zambelli German Roof Drainage systems are aesthetically pleasing to your home.
  1. Zambelli gutter systems help solve problems where other standard gutters have failed.  Due to their higher water capacity, Zambelli Euro gutters hold up to fifty-seven percent more water capacity than American half-round gutter.  They have large star outlets and smooth downspouts that move heavy rain downpours efficiently away from the property.  
  2. Zambelli European gutter hangers and downspout brackets have no parts that can pop off and be lost like the American style half-round with it’s clips, nuts, and bolts that loosen over time, fall off, and can affect the functioning of the gutter system.
  3. Zambelli gutters come in three beautiful finishes: pure copper,  pure zinc, and heavy duty powder-coated, galvanized steel.  Copper gutters speak for themselves and give properties a stately, timeless look.  Copper ages naturally over time and forms a protective patina.  Pure zinc, euro gutters provide a lower cost option in a natural metal finish.  Like copper, zinc ages naturally and forms a dark grey, protective patina.  Both copper and zinc gutters can be soldered to create custom angles where necessary.  The most cost-effective option is the galvanized steel, powder-coated euro gutter system, which has all the same great functionality of the Zambelli design and comes in a variety of color choices.  All the metal choices are heavier in gauge and thickness compared to Americian half-round and hold up to snow and ice better than light weight aluminum gutters.
  4. Zambelli gutters have leak-proof, rubberized joints and seams that have been tested to withstand year after year of harsh weather conditions.  No caulking or sealants of any kind are used in the connections on a Zambelli system.
  5. Zambelli downspouts have integrated inline strainers that catch debris before it enters the drain pipe below ground.  The gutters are engineered to flush through debris, keeping the systems clean and efficient.
  6. Lastly, Zambelli gutters just look great!  With their smooth lines and curves, the roof drainage system upgrades the style of any house or barn adding value and protecting your most important structures.
Large capacity Zambelli gutter star outlets with smooth downspout elbows
Large capacity Zambelli star outlets with smooth downspout elbows
Inline Zambelli downspout strainer collects debris
Inline Zambelli downspout strainer collects debris from entering ground pipe
Heavy duty Zambelli downspout brackets
Heavy duty downspout brackets
Zambelli Leader Head
Zambelli Leader Head
Zambelli 6" Bronze Euro Gutter
Zambelli 6″ Bronze Euro Gutter with custom soldered miter joints
Even German Shepherds are pleased with the system!
Zambelli half round euro gutters handle large water capacities efficiently with style
Zambelli half round euro gutters handle large water capacities efficiently with style

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